Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., LTD is the leading (manufacturer of) pharmaceutical glass packaging products and butyl rubber series products in the world, which was established in 1970. have more than 50 years of history. We have five production bases in China, are the TOP one enterprise in production output, market share and economic benefits among the domestic same industry and meanwhile the first listed company, which is specialized in manufacturing pharmaceutical glass packaging products and butyl rubber series products with service object of pharmaceutical, food, daily necessities industries. After 50years of development, we have became the only enterprise who is able to provide service to pharmaceutical companies “ONE STOP SERVICE” of "glass bottle +rubber stopper +cap".


On January 24. 2002. after the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission examined and approved, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., LTD issued 32 million of A shares, and listed on June 3. 2002. became the first and the only one listed company of the pharmaceutical glass packaging industry in China. Currently we are the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass packaging and butyl rubber stopper products with honor of National Key High-tech Enterprises, The National Torch Program Project Enterprise, National Standard Drafting Unit for Pharmaceutical Packaging Products, Standing Council Member of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, The Top Ten Enterprises in the National Industrial Key Industry, China's Top 30 Pharmaceutical Industry and National Advanced Packaging Enterprises and so on.



The company have three advantage which can maintain the leading role of domestic same industry field:


The first advantage is the scale advantage: Our products covers for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic glass packaging containers and accessories,  a total of 11 series and more than 500 different specifications, including moulded injection vial for antibiotics series, tubular glass vial series, amber glass bottle series, neutral borosilicate glass bottle series, infusion bottle series, cosmetic bottles series, food bottles series, butyl rubber stopper series, prefilled syringes series, aluminium-plastic cap series, plastic bottle series, applicable for packaging needs of pharmaceutical industry powder medicine, hydro-acupuncture medicine, infusion medicine, oral liquid medicine, lyophilization medicine, biological agents, tablets medicine and other pharmaceutical preparations, food and cosmetics.


We have business outlets in Chinese 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions, except Tibet and Macao, have established a long-term stable supply relationship with more than 3000 Chinese and foreign manufacturers, such as Shanghai Pharma Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, North China Pharmaceutical Group, Dawnrays Pharmaceutical(Holdings)limited, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited , Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi-aventis. etc. Also we have exported to 96 countries and regions all over the world, such as Europe, America, Russia, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, etc.


We have 32 workshops running now. There are 18 workshops for glass bottle products with in total of 21 furnaces and 100 production lines and output 1351 tons per day. The full thermal insulation technology of furnace and automatic inspection technology and automatic packaging technology are realized. There are 6 workshops for rubber stopper, aluminium-plastic cap, ampoules, prefilled syringe and other 8 workshops for power, coal gas, mechanical and electrical raw material compounding, and corrugated carton.


In year 2017. The soda-lime moulded injection vial production output was 7billion, which market share reached 80% of the Chinese market. The amber glass bottle workshop applied for the full thermal insulation technology of furnace and reduce energy consumption for more than 30%, output reach 2.5 billion, became the biggest manufacturing base of amber glass bottle in Asia. The butyl rubber stopper production output reach 4.5 billion and became the biggest production line in China. The borosilicate tubular glass vial production output was 1.2billion. The borosilicate ampoules production output was 1.4billion. The soda-lime cosmetic glass bottle production output was 2billion. The soda-lime infusion bottle production output was 0.5billion. The soda-lime food glass bottle production output was 0.2billion. The borosilicate glass tubing production output was 20000ton,The neutral borosilicate moulded glass vial was 0.2billion. The blue and green glass bottle production output was 0.2billion. The neutral borosilicate tube glass vial production output was 20million. The neutral borosilicate ampoules production output was 65million. The plastic bottle production output was 70.8million. The aluminium-plastic cap production output was 0.5billion. The prefilled syringe production output was 15million. The dental glass cartridge production output was 70million.


The second advantage is the technology and the equipment advantage: We have a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, and initiative applied 5gobs technology for moulded vial production. Our company introduced advanced automatic production line and inspection packing line from overseas and it is evaluated by the France Technical Quality Supervision and Evaluation Commission as recommend products and high quality technology products to Europe Union market. The company has 172 items of scientific and technological achievements, 146 patented technology and independently research and the development of high-flint glass material and light-weight thin-wall moulded pharmaceutical glass vial achieved the national new product certificate. The neutral borosilicate glass products filled the domestic blank.


The third advantage is SPG spirit of “Realistic Innovation, Hard Endeavor". The company acquired the quality management system certification and product certification awarded by China Quality Mark Certification Group in 1998 and established environment management system according to ISO14001 and passed the environmental quality system certification. In year 2006, we introduced OSAS18001 occupational safety and health standards and became the first company to pass ISO19001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001 in China. We achieved the management system certification in September, 2015. acquired the food system certification of ISO22000 awarded by SGS, which satisfied the requirement for the domestic and foreign market.


In December 2009, our quality inspection center acquired the laboratory accreditation certificate from China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment with CNAS registration number CNASL4302. It is in comply with ISO/IEC17025:2005< Testing and Validation of Laboratory Capacity General Requirements>. Therefore, the company can not only detect and monitor the products quality from raw material, semi-finished products to finished products effectively, but also can carry on some inspection service as third party within the scope of authority.