The company always adheres to market-oriented to quality survival, the management and development, pays close attention to internal management and technological progress. Chairman of the company, Mr. Hu Yonggang represented by the senior leadership team attached great importance to the quality of management, the company established a unified purpose And the direction and created so that employees can participate fully in the total quality management of the internal environment.


Drastically develop quality certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental standard, to form a complete rigorous quality assurance system in the enterprise to meet external and international standards into line. On February 19, 1998, we obtained ISO9002: 94 quality system certification. Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification On August 25, 2003, and ISO14001: 2000 standard on August 25, 2003.


The company has established a sound market services system, though market services, work to effectively master the understanding of the needs of different customers, to grasp the pulse of the market and maximize the elimination of customer complaints. The implementation of the customer complaints on file system is responsible for each of the customer complaints should have special staff in the end, to achieve the implementation of the rate of customer complaints to 100%.


We hereby certify our products comply with China SDFA norms, ISO Standard, and meet the chemical and physical characteristics specified in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 25th edition, and in the United Stated Pharmacopoeia , and also European Pharmacopoeia.

Test for hydrolytic resistance of glass containers

Residual stress quantitative analysis

Test for hydrolytic resistance of the interior surface of containers

Residual stress qualitative analysis

Use UV-spectrometer for analysis of Heavy Metal separating out and light transmission

Test for internal pressure resistance

Thermal shock resistance analysis

Titration analysis